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Aug 15, 2017
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friend's pool.
The pool is 4 years old, vinyl, IG 20' X42' at approx 32000 gallons. 1.5 hp pump coupled with a Jandy CV460 cartridge filter,Delta E-40 Ultraviolet Sanitizer/Clarifier System, Raypack PR406AENC heater, automatic pool cover and a robot. No SWG.
For the test results, here are the numbers:100107

5/1/2019 water temp 87 deg
FC- 5

So I can't be at 4 pools all the time and I'm recommending a SWGC in order to somewhat automate the chlorine . Which one would you recommend . Was looking into the Circupool RJ-60 which is at a great discount for the next two days. Is there anything better or larger to go with instead of this one and what else should I know about before I go for it. Of concern to me, is there a down side that I'm unaware of with the SWG. This pool will be open for the next seven months so the cost relates well to the convience it brings.


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Jul 7, 2014
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The downside to a SWCG is the initial cost and the fact that you have to run the pump long enough to generate the chlorine needed...

If the pool owner already runs 12 or more hours a day, it won't be noticeable.. But if he currently only runs three or four hours a day, and he has a single speed pump, he will notice the additional electrical costs..

The RJ 60 or RJ 60 plus should work fine..


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
He's a deep pocket kind of guy and could care less. Pool has a single speed pump, runs non stop and heats to the moon. I figured it'll make my job easier. Also recommending next pump change out to a two speed pump. Thanks for the reply.
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