Hook up vacuum to an older intex with only 1 intlet and 1 outlet...


Jul 2, 2016
Forney, Texas
Hello, all.

It is that time of the year again ;)

I purchased a 18x9x52 Ultra Frame Intex Rectangular pool and it is the "older" style pool before they starting to put the TWO suction outlets and I am having a hard time figuring out how in the world I am supposed to hook my darn vacuum up to it. Last year, we had a newer style pool, and I would just use the hose from the bottom of the skimmer, but I also can't figure out how I am supposed to hook my skimmer up either, since there is only one outlet. I could really use some advice here. If you need any more information, or pictures, let me know! thanks!

Here is a picture of exactly what our pool looks like, for reference.



LifeTime Supporter
Jun 3, 2015
Stockholm, Sweden
Just connect the vacuum/skimmer to the outlet. Or do what most people here do: install a proper through-the-wall skimmer. Then you can use the outlet as a dedicated vacuum port.

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