HomeMade Aerator


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Jan 7, 2008
I came across this post from people who have made their own aerators. I need to lower our TA "badly". It has been at 140 for two weeks and it won't budge. Water is now getting cloudy while CC's are zero.

Does anyone still have a picture of Poseidon's home-made aerator. The link for the picture doesn't work anymore.


Latest water readings....
CYA - 55 (I need to add more, I will do that later today)
Ph - 7.6-7.7
FC - 3.5
CC- 0
TA - 140
CH - 40 - just added CH this morning to raise it another 100ppm


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Apr 4, 2007
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I wouldn't be too worried about it unless you are struggling with rising pH all the time. If you keep your pH on the low end, you'll find that TA drops on its own. The TA isn't the source of your cloudiness.


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Jan 7, 2008
I know you don't have to add CH to a vinyl pool but I like to add something higher than 40. Even the recommended levels on TFP say a CH level of 50 for a vinyl pool with SWG. Mine was at 40 and I just used what I had left in the bucket which should raise it about 100ppm to 140ish.

My water started to get cloudy yesterday when the water got above 85. I will add some bleach to the pool vs maxing out the SWG.

One thing I have always been curious about is if there are biofilms in the solar panels we have that when it gets warm, grows something inside them even though there us is a constant flow of sanitized water that goes through them. How can someone make sure their solar panels are clean and not all gunked up with something inside the tiny tubes in the panel?

I would still like to lower my TA though. I thought I did read somewhere over the past years that high TA can cause cloudy water. However, even if not, the recommended levels for vinyl SWG is not higher than 80, mine is close to 2x's that.

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Jun 22, 2009
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I highly doubt that your solar panels have anything growing in them.

Given the TA and CH and pH the TA isn't causing the cloudiness. I suggest you run an OCLT to see if you have organics growing in your pool.