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Jun 14, 2012
Hi there,
I am new here and just received my new test kit today. Some history behind our pool, 22x52 metal frame Intex, with an Intex sand filter. Bought the pool last year, kept water clear using bleach, baking soda and borax. Pool was not closed properly and started to try and open back in april, had to leave only to come back to a green swamp! Have cleared the algae successfully, (took forever) now I have cloudy water that will not clear up! My test results show extremely high TA. Which I am pretty sure is my fault! I have spent a lot of money so far and lots of time vacuuming and I am running the pump 24/7 at this point. From what I read it seems like it would take a lot of time and product to lower it where I need it to be.Would it just be better to do a partial drain? Very frustrated and wish I had purchased the test kit sooner, because I had no idea my TA was this high! :hammer:



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May 7, 2007
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[shock:2ua6cdbe]You are not using enough chlorine. With CYA around 40, shock level is 16. You need to shock properly with FC at 16.[/shock:2ua6cdbe]
Jun 14, 2012
Oh I am so confused! I have been shocking the pool like crazy adding massive amounts of bleach at a time so I thought at first maybe that was wrong. I just added 20 gallons of bleach the other day. I have been keeping the levels high, but the strips and test I had only read so far. So I backed off from doing that because I thought maybe I had put in too much. So continue to shock then, what about the TA, should I not worry about that? Thanks so much for your help!


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Oct 12, 2009
Rely on the pool calculator to tell you how much of what to add to your pool. www.poolcalculator.com

Now that you have a reliable test kit, you can rely on the pool calculator to tell you how much bleach, acid, borax, baking soda etc. to add to your pool based on your pool volume and your current test results. There should be no more guessing.


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May 24, 2011
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My TA is 325 for much of the summer, so your TA is certainly not alarming to me! It looks like your CSI is fine, so really no need to worry about your TA unless you can't keep your pH at 7.8 or below. I'd say it is certainly something to put on the backburner. After you get done shocking (the entire process), if you pH gets up to 7.6 - 7.8, then you could think about about trying to lower your TA with muriatic acid.

For now, worry about shocking. With a CC of 2, you have not done the process correctly. The links above should help you with that process.