High TA, but pH is good?


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Jul 25, 2022
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I just completed a 70% drain/refill of my pool yesterday to fix a sky-high CYA level entwined w/ a vicious algae bloom.

Yesterday early evening, my TA was 260 and my pH was 7.9 (using my K-2006C testing kit) and water was crystal clear! PoolMath told me I had to get my pH down to 7.2 by adding X amount of muriatic acid, which I did. A couple hours ago I just retested and now my TA is 230 and my pH is 7.2. Why did the muriatic acid bring my pH way down, but it did almost nothing for bringing the TA down? I'm a bit confused by PoolMath because even though my TA is high it doesn't want to address it. It just says "you need to get your pH down to 7.2" which it now is but my TA is still too high? Any suggestions? Thanks!


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May 3, 2014
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The acid consumed 30 ppm of alkalinity. You now wait for pH to rise to upper 7’s and then add acid again. No rush. The TA is no big deal in a liner pool unless your CH is also very high. Is it?
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