High TA and Calcuium

New and confused

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Jun 2, 2014
Elburn, IL
I have had an above ground pool for the past 7 years. It is a vinyl round 26 round X4 foot pool. You have been a big help throughout. I have mostly been on autopilot after our first year. However I have been battling high TA for a few years and can't seem to lower it. We just filled the pool (after lowering it for the winter) and here are our numbers:
PH 7.2
CL 0
CC 0
TA 230-240
CYA 35
CH 850

I have since added 2 quarts of liquid chlorine and tested the next day (today)
PH 7.6
CL 7.5
CC 0
TA 250
CYA between 30 and 40 ( I still have trouble determining this one)
CH 625

I would appreciate your thoughts!

New and confused

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Jun 2, 2014
Elburn, IL
In regards to why the CH dropped, it could be that I didn't test correctly. I usually don't do that test as I have a vinyl pool. When I add the drops to bring it back to blue, it really was purple. I never really had a true blue color. Is that okay? If not, that number is way higher. My liner has been smooth and have not had any scaling in my pump over the past 7 years. We did replace our pump this year. (The motor gave out.) The temperature is pretty cold right now as we don't have a heater. The water is 50 ish degrees. Could that effect any numbers?


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May 3, 2014
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The CH test turns baby blue. Hard to do that test without a SmartStir device. If no scale, I guess you are OK. Watch for it as the water warms. Only test effected by temperature is CYA. But your water should be warm enough.
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