High salt levels after treating for algae

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Mar 2, 2011
The sodium bromide will raise the salinity by about 10 ppm.

Bromide does not burn off.

It should diminish over time, but there is no easy way to tell how much is in the water.

You're stuck with it for a while.


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Jun 12, 2009
NW Ohio
Would the bromide raise it that much ?
google results say the sun will burn the bromide up , is that true ?
The sodium bromide would have raised your salt level by about 15 ppm. Also it isn't an algaecide, it does nothing to kill or prevent algae by itself and should never be added to a chlorine pool.

The sun doesn't burn bromide up, it burns up bromine. See, when you add chlorine to a pool with a bromide bank (like yours) it reacts with the bromide to create bromine. That bromine then either reacts with something or gets burnt off by the sun. It then reverts back to bromide, which will react with chlorine the first chance it gets to repeat the cycle. So during the day the sun is just burning away bromine, which then gets replenished by any chlorine there might be in the water.

Bromide is basically forever, it will take a 100% water change to get rid of it.
Aug 28, 2016
Baltimore Md
First off thanks for all the replies so fast, its safe to swim if the water is clear ? What FC levels should I shoot for ? I would like to wait until start of next season if I have to replace water, some conflicting information about if its forever or will go away.
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