High pool pump pressure

Rattus Suffocatus

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Jun 5, 2019
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That's for shocking. 12 FC for 30 CYA.
Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid - 10%
Call it SLAM here or you will get ridiculed! :) I have a pool just about your size so I pulled up pool math. You have Algae, so you are going to run SLAM levels until you are clear for several days.. that is probably going to be 3 gallons (at 10%) to start assuming near zero FC and 1 to 2 gallons every day depending on your water temperature (MEASURE at least 1x a day). The fact that it's cold out now should actually help you. You have to kill the schtuff deader than dead to go back to using normal levels. Are you certain your CYA level is 30? Are you testing it yourself with a reliable kit? (And unlike many here, I think there are some strips that do CYA as well as that goofy test in the Taylor kit.) If you hadn't posted that level then all of us here would assume that a partial drain and refill was in order....

Also, check your date on the Wal-Mart 10%. The few stores that have any here off season have oldish dates compared to in season. Not that it's not usable, but it might only be 8% right now....especially if it's 6 months old... I'd round up on the chlorine levels and add some.. but I am like that....