High ph with alkalinity at 80


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Aug 10, 2019
North Charleston, SC
I get so confused on ideal total alkalinity. Pool store says 120-150. What does alkalinity do and why the disparity? I have a gas pool heater so I know it is impossible to keep water balanced as for the health of pool itself. My last test shows
Fc. 1.5
Ch 175
Ph 79
Cya. 30
My gut instinct tells me to bring ph down, fc up and not worry about the rest.


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May 3, 2014
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Follow your gut and stop going to the Pool store!

TA is a buffer for pH. So your pH of 7.9 is fine and your TA of 80 is fine. When pH reaches 8, lower it to 7.6. TA is fine as long as it is 50 or above.
Your main focus needs to be to get your FC above minimum for your CYA and maintain it in the target range. FC/CYA Chart