High pH, Low Alkalinity - New Above Ground Pool (10' x 30")


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Apr 27, 2020

I am completely new to pool care - just bought a 10 ft x 30 in above ground pool with a filter pump and chlorine recommended. After shocking the pool, I currently have high chlorine level, high pH, and low alkalinity levels. I have googled nonstop and the problem of a pool having high pH and low alkalinity seems to not exist. I understand that alkalinity and pH tend to go hand in hand... but I have done 4 test strips and the alkalinity level never increases.

I am starting to think my test strips are not working properly for the alkalinity readings. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!!


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Apr 17, 2010
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Welcome to the forum. We don't put much faith in test strips, but if your FC is 10 or better, your ph will read falsely high. Please consider one of our recommended test kits in Pool School.