High Filter Pressure

I am opening my pool for the first time by myself. I noticed the pressure gauge in my filter is high at 40. I don't know when or how it got there. Last I remember it was around 15. It was high before I turned on pump for the year. I thought maybe I could backwash or waste water but pressure went higher and water spurted from somewhere making me concerned it is real, instead of a faulty gauge. It is an old filter with no pressure relief mechanism I can find. What could cause this? How do I remove gauge and try a new one? Is there real danger, at what pressure am I really at risk for damaging pipes or explosion?


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Apr 2, 2012
Columbia SC
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Is the gauge at 0 when the pump is off? If not, you clearly have a faulty gauge. I suspect that is the case. It should just screw off and screw a new one on using some plumbers pipe thread tape.