High CYA, High Alkalinity/Hardness


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Jul 21, 2013
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How are you nailing a CYA of 43? If the dot disappears between 50 and 40 we round up and call it 50. The scale is logarithmic and not linear. You can’t eyeball values between the lines.

With no SWG and no heater I would not force your TA down. Let your pH naturally rise to 8 and lower it to 7.2. Over time that cycle will lower your TA.

What is your CSI?


Aug 4, 2021
Lincoln, NE
I forgot about rounding up the CYA. So yes, 50 is the number. The CSI is 0.00 at 250 CH and 0.07 at 300 CH. I'm not sure on the CH test when to decide if the solution 'turns blue' since the liquid will turn blue with some pink solids still in it, but after a few more drops the solids will also turn blue.
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