High Combined Chlorine


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May 14, 2008
I opened my pool last Saturday and the water was in pretty good shape upon opening. I've been running the filter 24/7 for a week now and it seems to be slowly improving, but it's still cloudy.

I just got back from the pool store and here are my numbers:

FC: 4.0
CC: 4.1
TC: 8.1
PH: 7.3
CH: 150
TA: 107
CYA: 10 (I've been adding CYA since Tuesday so this should be going up over the next few days as it dissolves in the pool)

So I know I need to get the CYA up since I'm running the SWG, but I'm a bit troubled by the CC number. Do I just keep the pool at shock level until that comes down to 0? This is my first year trying to do this BBB so your help is definitely apreciated.


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Yes, hold at shock level till CC goes to zero and the FC level remains steady overnight. For the initial increase in FC to shock level you should use bleach, or some other external chlorine source. It is fine to use the SWG to try and hold at shock level, but the initial increase needs to be rapid and a SWG isn't good at that.