High Chlorine Levels w/ low output % on SWG


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Jun 18, 2007
Spring, Texas
On initial start up back in September, I had my SWG set at 60% output and was running about 5ppm at that setting. When the weather started cooling down, I noticed that the chlorine levels shot up dramatically...to about 10ppm. I had about .5 in FC. I Super Chlorinated the pool (100% SWG for 24 hours) then backed the SWG down to 35% output. Leveles are still varying between 8 and 10ppm. Any advice? Should I drop output even lower?



Chlorine demand can drop dramatically when the water temp drops. If you have been maintaining an 8-10 ppm fc for about 2 weeks or longer since dropping your output to 35% then you can either reduce your pump run time (I drop down to 6 hours a day in winter compared to 8-9 during the summer) or lower your output some more, perhaps to about 25% and then give it a couple of weeks to stabilize. You should still check the FC on a regular basis and if it starts going too low bump up either your output or run time.


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Jul 24, 2007
Suwanee, GA
I had been maintaining about 3ppm at about 15% output on my SWG in late Sept and Oct, but recently I saw it rise to about 7-8ppm. I was lax about changing the percentage since I knew the SWG quits operating when the water hits 55 (so I thought), the pool has been hovering in the low 50s. A few nights ago, seeing it was still high, I changed the output to about 10% and I've yet to test it again. I looked in the manual (just moments ago) and see that the magic number is 51 degrees and not 55.


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Feb 4, 2008
It may also help to decrease the amount of time that your pump runs. Most SWG's run whenever the pump is circulating water. Less run-time = less chlorine produced. Colder water doesn't need as much circulation either.