high chlorine levels for the last 2 weeks


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Aug 3, 2009
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HI all...wasn't sure whether to put this in SWG forum or the chemistry forum.

Anyway...I started up my new SWCG 3 weeks ago. My pool before that was running at about 1ppm FC levels...so I figured I"d vaccuum the pool good, and shock my pool the day before I actually kick my SWG into gear, and stop adding bleach...so I took my pool up to shock level and then the next day I fired up my SWG. I dialed my SWG up until the needle gauge on the readout said "normal"......the only other two indicators on my generator are low salt levels and then "over 6%"

Now...zoom forward to today, after multiple rains, lots of swimming kids and sun..and my FC level is STILL at 11 ppm as of 5pm today.

Is my SWG actually HOLDING my FC up at shock level?????? Should I turn my SWG off to drop the FC level?

My numbers:
FC: 11ppm
pH: 7.8
CYA: 55
temp: 82
TA: 115


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May 7, 2007
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You should simply turn down the dial (percentage setting, run time, or whatever your unit provides), so the SWG will produce less chlorine. Then check the FC level again in a couple of days to see how close you have gotten to the correct setting.

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