High CH level at pool opening


Jul 1, 2017
Baltimore, MD
Just opened last week and I am working to get the pool balanced. Here are my numbers:

FC 3.5
pH 8.34
TA 60
CH 525
CYA 50
Salt 3200
Temp 66
CSI 0.45

Adding some MA to bring down pH - targeting slight negative CSI (-0.17)

Trying not to fixate on specific numbers too much but CH is higher than I recall in past seasons. After reading some posts, I am thinking I should not worry too much as long as my CSI is in range. Would you concur? Thx.


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Jun 8, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
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Yes, you can manage high CH by keeping your CSI on the low side. That may be difficult as the temp increases more. You don’t want your TA much lower. What is the CH of your fill water?


Jul 1, 2017
Baltimore, MD
Tested my fill water (well) and it came back 100. Really trying to avoid draining and re-filling, if at all possible. Today's numbers:

FC 2.0
pH 8.6
TA 70
CH 600
CYA 50
Salt 3100
Temp 65
CSI 0.85

Adding MA to bring pH down to 7.7 which will bring CSI down to -0.03
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