High Alkalinity Plaster Pool


Aug 1, 2020
My pool builder performed an in pool acid wash a few weeks ago, dropped my pH very low. Prior to the acid wash, I had perfect pool chemistry. They reversed the process with Soda Ash and my Alkalinity has been sky high ever since. I have been adding small amounts of muriatic acid almost every day and keeping my bubbler going around the clock to try to drop the alkalinity without dropping the pH.

My current levels are:

Temp 65 F
pH 7.2
CH 575
TA 250
CYA 30
FC 10

Any suggestions on how I can get my LSI down?

Will be closing the pool soon.


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Below is the page to help you. Be patient, acid>aerate>repeat. Will take several treatments but eventually you'll get it. When are you closing?

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