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Sep 21, 2010
i have a goldline control system with the turbo cel. my box display would read 2200ppm salt reading so i added salt (2 40 lbs. bags) but no change in readings so added more salt no change and water started to turn green so checked chlorine level and 0 chlorine then i had extra turbo cel so i installed it and it says hi salt. i drained water 3 times and still says hi salt and water is green. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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May 20, 2007
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The green is algae, as I am sure you are aware. Shock and vacuum as needed to fix that.

As for the cells, how old are they?
Test the salt level with strips for now.
Ever clean the cells? or the sensor?
Additional chem levels would be nice too.


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Sep 5, 2008
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dmanb2b said:
It may be the unit, but how can the reading go from 2200 (lo) to a Hi Salt with 2 40lb bags of salt? :scratch:
If he is going by what his unit is telling him, Id say the sensor went bad, or scaled up (within the cell).

Scot should get his water tested for salt, not with test strips because we need to find out exactly where the salt is. Then clean the cell, check the board, etc. etc.


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Apr 4, 2009
Accucheck salt test strips have been know to be within 200ppm accuracy and the taylor kit would do just fine as well. Of course the local pool store could do the same. But again he needs salt test results...then troubleshoot the cell/sensor.

Again, I'm not sure why the above comments warranted your previous comments.


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May 1, 2007
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OP evidently has an issue with his salt system mis-reading or mis-handling the salt level. He will need some other test besides the SWG unit to confirm the actual salt level. Then the SWG can be better diagnosed. As to the details of the pool itself, if one goes onsite to service a unit, one gets extra info beyond salt levels. One sees the pool, knows the construction, relative size, any water features or special considerations, the pump and filter equipment, brand and model of SWG, etc., and is thus equipped with the info requested here.

OP also has a green pool. He was told that he should shock and vacuum as necessary. He will need test results in order to properly do that. If he would like for the TFP experts to assist in that vein, then certainly those test results would be needed here.

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