Hi, new here and need help with water balance


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Apr 20, 2017
Hi, just opened the pool this past Sunday. My wife took a water sample to the pool store. We have a 33,000 gallon Lazy L, DE Filter, Automatic Chlorinator. The numbers produced by pool store, PH 6.2 TA 34, Free Clor 0.00 Total Clor 0.00. Total Hard 131 CYA 122 Optimizer Plus?
42, Recommended 48.5 lbs Balance Pak 100, 3lbs Balance Pak 200, 5 lbs Burn out 35, 26 ozs Algae All 60, 1.5 quarts Pool Opening Complete I will be ordering a TFT kit. Are there other products to use that would be cheaper to get these numbers to the right levels. I am putting my house on the market and need to have the pool looking good for the Open House in 2 weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 2, 2012
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Welcome to TFP :)

Oh wow.....I haven't read up on what all those chemicals even are. Click the link at the top of the page and browse pool school. The number one thing you need to get correct advice here is a proper test kit. We absolutely don't trust pool store testing in general. So depending on your test results, these are the items we typically use to maintain a pool:

Bleach (liquid chlorine)
Muratic acid - to reduce PH and TA if necessary (found in the hardware store paint section)
Baking soda to raise TA if necessary
Soda ash to raise PH if necessary
CYA -cyuranic acid if necessary (sold in the pool section of big box stores)

If your goal is to keep it clear mainly for showing, your "most likeley" course of action is just to get it clear with chlorine and maintain with chorine (bleach) but all those test numbers matter as far as advice on chemical additions.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Most of those chemicals are just repackaged overpriced stuff you can pick up at Walmart or the grocery store.

If it's not too late, add nothing but maybe half a jug of plain laundry bleach every day and spend your money on a proper test kit. Armed with reliable test results and some reading in pool school, you'll get the chemistry in line and have enough money left over to buy the beer for the opening day festivities.

If it is too late, get the test kit anyway. Read the labels from the stuff you added. If any of those contain monopersulfate, they'll mess with your CC test results.