Hi my name is, Elva Koerber. Pool has Plaster imperfections.


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Aug 19, 2020
League City, Texas
Thanks for the add.

my problem is I noticed, what looks like to me is rough spots, and intentions in our pool. The pool was put in May 2020

I have attached some photos for review.
Thank you,


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Nov 12, 2017
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Hi Elva, welcome to TFP! :wave:

(Hint... the posts are not like texts, if you leave a typo there's an edit button at the bottom of your post you can use to go back and tidy up.)

No pool is going to be perfect out of the gate. I was stunned by my new finish the first time I used the pool light. Lumps and bumps galore. Plaster finishes are done by hand and will have a certain amount, a reasonable amount, of imperfections.

That said, if I was seeing in my pool what your pictures seem to indicate, I wouldn't be happy either. It's a little late tonight, but hopefully some of our plaster pool experts will happen by tomorrow and let you know what they think. In the meantime, you can help them help you by filling in your signature. They'll need to know as much as they can about your pool. Please have a look at this article and do what you can. You can check out my sig as a sample of what an obsessive compulsive person's signature looks like! 😜 Have a good night.

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