Hi!! I'm new here. :)


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Sep 5, 2021
The Woodlands, TX
Hello all! I figured after snooping and having so many questions answered from my google searches here, I should go ahead and create an account. ;) We're doing a new pool build in the Houston area, but we've been pool owners before in Arizona. Can't wait to have a pool again!! #splishsplash

We're hoping to finish all the details and sign our contract this week.

Our biggest question at this time is to do a deep end or sports pool. It's 20x40. :/ Any input is appreciated! I'm 5'3 and my daughter is about the same height but will soon outgrow me. My husband is 6'4. I don't mind treading water, but I love playing games in the pool and for some reason I'm usually stuck in the deep end. :/

We have decided to go with Pebble Sheen-we had PebbleTec and my husband hated it on his feet. We're pretty sure we're going with Ocean Blue for our color so if you have that we'd love to see your pool picture.

I believe we're going to go with a sheer descent instead of the scuppers, unless someone convinces me that's a totally bad idea. :p

Looking forward to being an active participant!


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