Hi guys I'm new first time pool owner I have a brand new 16' x 48"or 42" pool


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Aug 1, 2020
Scottdale Arizona
all right once again guys to know why my name is Heidi I am a first time pool owner I bought a large pool 16 foot by 48 inch pool from a friend and I have everything capably ready to set up this pool but my fiance decided that he just wanted to get 1/8 foot by 30 inch Easy Set Pool which I was okay with at that time cuz I was still preparing everything for the setup for my large pool I live here in Arizona where it's extremely hot during these times a year especially since this summer we haven't had many monsoonal rains at all and our temperatures have set record highs here in the month of July 2020 we've set three different record highs so my thing here is I want to set my other pull up and things have been going great with the smaller pool granted you that yes it is small it's just me and my fiance it's easier to take care of maintain and manage but it's irritating because he won't let me put up the larger pool even though I'm ready I have all the things to set the pool up ground cloth thick tarp 14 mil thick tarp I've got the gorilla pad and everything that you could possibly need to finalize setting up your pool now my friend told me that I should get sand to put underneath my pool the large pool to give it that soft cushioning from any foreign object protruding through the pool liner now my question is do I need to put Stand Down When I'm setting up my pool if I've already got a very thick tarp I've got landscape fabric and I also have the gorilla pad is it still necessary for me to lay down that stand to keep the foreign items like grass and other items excetera excetera from protruding through the bottom of my liner...?? also with the easy set that we have set up now when I run my pool pump there's this white film kind of foamy but not too foamy that gets on the top layer of my pool the ring around it and I've Googled it and it's told me that I should not be worried that it's just my pool is either well-maintained and chemically balanced or that I can't remember the other reason that they said but I would like to find out if anybody else has any ideas of what this could be causing it I also have to say that I have a pool pump that is in Intex pool 2500 GPH it's a lot larger than what is supposed to go with my pool but I didn't get a pump when I bought the pool it was brand new and never came with the pump but it was set for the pump accessories if I wanted to have one installed now the 2500 GPH an hour is a aeration technology to it now could this be why I'm seeing the slight little foam when I run my pump or is this a reason to be concerned and have my water looked at Plus around the inflatable ring of my pool there has been this green or I wouldn't even take green it was like a brown green and or gray and this ring was like it there was very hard to get off my ring the inflatable ring of my pool but it was also on the little floating chlorine dispenser tab that I have floating around in my pool now when I treat my pool I used the little floating chemical dispenser with Clorox 3 inch tablet and I also use the Arm & Hammer pH and alkalinity maintain the balance of the pool with one tablet per each chlorine tablet I use is there something I should do to fix this or should I continue doing what I'm doing with my pool chemical treatment thanks guys appreciate any comments and help and or advice new owner proud to be a new owner here and I appreciate each and everyone of you and your intelligence and knowledge that comes towards having an owning a new] above ground pool!! Thanks & have a great day!!


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I suggest you read ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry