Hi from Tucson 👋🏻


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Nov 6, 2019
We have used this site in the past for managing our pool chemicals. In the middle of remodeling our pool and hot tub now and are hoping for some solid advice to avoid getting ripped off. Thanks so much!

Rattus Suffocatus

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Jun 5, 2019
Corona de Tucson, AZ
I don't know about "refurbs" but there are only a couple of excavators and shotcrete crews in Tucson, and the main ones do 85% of all the work in town. the crew that did our PebbleTec would have maybe been a good direct choice depending on how major work you do for the refurb, but they also do like 70% of the business here, so you might be seeing them anyway.

Otherwise, I find that most of the pool contractors know each other in Tucson (and gossip, trust me!)... the more established ones here are definitely more proud of their services... The major stuff, supposedly, is going to be warranted by the subs, anyway. Except for the evil one from Phoenix, I didn't note much difference offered among the many bids I got for new construction except for price on the more established businesses.

Since it sounds like you already have a contractor and work going, all I can suggest is posting pictures and updates. For most of the rest of the country this is off season for construction, so you will be a popular thread if you do. (And everyone has an opinion here, like bodily parts... me included!)

And yes.. my goodness, it takes a long time to get stuff done here.... be patient, regardless, eventually it will be complete! :)