Hi from soon to be cold Ohio


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Sep 2, 2017
We've had our Intex pool 22x54 for three years, love it.. Wish we could speak out a few more months of swimming in it though. NW Ohio, you get to use it about mid June through mid to late August.. ,this summer was kinda cool so a couple weeks of 70 degree weather shortens the swim time..
Wish I could build a serious pool heater to get an earlier jump in summer and a couple more weeks in September..
As a cancer patient,it's my best exercise..

Hubby won't build one since we only have 2.5 months tops of swimming weather.. He will build one if we go back to Fl,because we had a longer season there.

We had an inground pool in Florida and hoping to retire to go back..

We never had a pool until Florida and it was surprisingly easy to maintain really,once people showed us a few things..
Intex pool ,so easy to maintain and it really doesn't take much time at all.
Saddest part is draining some of the water down and closing it for winter.. depressing!


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Sep 2, 2017
Welcome to TFP!

Thanks,hoping there's a plan out there to build a better easier cheaper pool heater.NW Ohio you get about 2.5 months of swim time before it gets cold. Trying to get hubby to build something but he doesn't want to bother for only 2.5 months of swim season.. HAve a solar cover and it helps but not when the sun gets less intense.
It's my only real physical therapy with cancer treatment..
We plan to move to Florida when he retires,we miss it. Had a pool nearly all year round..

Will styrofoam help as something that helps displace ice and support winter cover? Inflatable pillows "deflated" over winter last year.

1- ideas for a pool heater that raised water temp at least 10 degrees..

2- Something that works better than inflatable pillows for supporting cover and displacing ice in pool when closing for winter.


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Aug 10, 2012
FL panhandle
A swim spa would probably be the best solution for some type of year round swimming. I doubt an above ground pool could be insulated well enough to conserve the heat added to the pool. The cost to replace the heat lost would be incredibly expensive.