Hi from Northwest FL(AKA the Panhandle)


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Mar 27, 2017
Crestview Fl
Glad to meet you all! Not new to pools, had an in ground 18x36 vinyl liner pool for 15 years until the divorce, I loved it and now have been separated from my love of clear pool water for more than ten years and the symptoms of withdrawal have never went away. So I am now the proud owner of an above the ground 24 foot round Lomart pool that currently is residing in my garage, bought it over the winter and can't wait to get it up and running. Plans are for it to be partially in ground, undecided yet on the depth, haven't bought the liner yet as I didn't want it lying in the garage over the winter. Also have not purchased pump and filter system for the same reason. Been looking at liners, pumps and filters to purchase. Probably will go with a sand filter as I am familiar with it, the pump I am not sure on....here in my area our electricity is very expensive so I need a pump which is very energy efficient, been looking at variable speeds. Work on the pool site is now beginning, and yes it is a big project, at times I fear my abilities to do this but I do have some help. I also have many questions, like how how far should I put the pool in ground? The pool I bought can be installed in ground. Should I go with an expandable liner to have a deeper pool? Do I need a bottom main drain (not sure I can even manage doing this one)? So many decisions to make and it is getting down to the wire on making them. I am always looking for answers and I welcome any suggestions on the build and the equipment. Anyways thanks for having me and hope that everyone has a great day!!!

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May 25, 2014
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Welcome! You've landed in the perfect place! There are so many people here who can help you make all the important decisions on your set up. There is a specific forum area for above ground pools. You might want to copy and paste your post there as well to be sure the above ground experts find you. They will have all kinds of great info.



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Jul 17, 2016

Welcome aboard. I am just a few miles from you. I cannot advise you about sand filters since I went the cartridge route. Also if you are considering putting your pool in the ground, there are some advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that you will not need as tall a ladder or deck. Also your pool will keep cooler since sun will not be on all the walls, all the time. A disadvantage is that it becomes more accessible to animals and children. With a 4.5' wall of water, I do not worry about animals/children wandering in. With a 2' wall, that would become a problem. Also though your pool would stay cooler in the Summer, it would take considerably longer to get warmer in the Spring. For example, I was swimming yesterday (80 degree water) while people with IG pools much further South are still waiting for their pool to warm up.

Whatever you decide, get that pool out of the garage and out into the yard. Swimming season has arrived!


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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi there neighbor! Well kind of! FLORIDA in the house!!!!

-Pump-get a two speed pump! I run on low most of the time. The only time I use high is when running the cleaner and when I want a lazy river ride in my pool hehe!

-main drain- I would not bother. I was SO excited to have a main drain "I will just sweep the stuff to it and it will suck it all in!" nope :( has not worked out like that.

-liner/deeper pool-I am not sure how deep you can go but the bottom by the wall MUST be at the same height as the wall or the liner can "sneak out" from under the wall. You can make a bowl of the bottom but again not sure how deep you could go.

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