Hi From North of Houston


Jul 13, 2020
Hello Everyone, I am from north of Houston and purchased a house with a pool, and I am very very new in this world, I don't even know yet all the acronyms, is there anywhere that I can learn? I think I am at the right place.
My Pool has a spa and total volume is around 21k Gallons.
last Saturday I went to to pool store to test my water, and I went out with 90 usd of chemical products.
- Proteam 25 pounds, alkalinity up - trow in the pool and wait 2 hours
- Muriatic acid - 2PT - then trow this one and wait 1 hours
- Bournout 73 - Super Chlorination 5 lb - trow everything and brush.

Today my pool is very clean, but my filter is dirty again (I cleaned it at same day I purchased the products, last Saturday July-11). MY pool was very dirty since I did some garden and trimmed some trees nearby.
I am having some troubles with the Poolmaster tests, about the colors for me it looks all the same, is there any electronic that shows the values that I can purchase instead going to the pool store?

thank you



Jun 17, 2019
Cypress, TX
Hi Carlos, and welcome! I live in Cypress, so we're neighbors! I highly recommend the tutorials on this site, as you will learn more in a few hours of reading (and rereading) than you will from years of listening to pool store employee doublespeak. I also recommend lining your skimmers with hair nets (search the forum for that). I get a lot of crepe myrtle flower buds and dust in my pool, and since going to the hair nets in the skimmers, my filter cleaning interval has gone from 2 months to about 6.