Hi from Austin - looking for PB recommendations


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Oct 10, 2018
We have decided to build a pool/spa and covered patio at our house in NE Austin.

We are currently talking with Denali Pools, Texas Pools & Patios, KB Custom Pools, and California Pools. I called Athena earlier today and waiting to hear back.

Are there any other PB companies you would recommend for me to contact? Appreciate all the help!

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Hello Andres and welcome to the forum! :wave: Wow, this weather just fell out of nowhere huh? Well, while no one has replied to your question yet, I wanted to give you a shout and welcome you to TFP. Maybe this :bump: will catch the eyes of some locals. Good luck on your project, and stay dry today.


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Apr 23, 2017
Northlake TX
Welcome to TFP...

Lots of folks on here that built pools in the Austin TX area. Rocks in the ground seem to be a really big issue in your area so plan ahead on costs...