Hi everyone. New pool owner.


May 11, 2020
Hi everyone. New pool owner here. My name's Mark, and we just bought our first pool.

With all the Covid-19 impacts, my wife and I decided to get ourselves an above ground pool. We figure if sports, museums, zoos, etc. are all going to be cancelled or closed, then we should do something fun for the house as things start warming up.

My wife and I have two daughters who are 5 and 7 at the time of writing this (will be 6 & 8 by the end of the summer). My wife and I are both in our early 30s, and we live in central Illinois in the Peoria area. I'm an engineer professionaly and tinkerer when it comes to hobbies. My wife is a teacher and we homeschool our daughters (she does most of it). Our daughters love to be outside and are always looking for fun things to do, so we decided to get ourselves our first pool.

We decided to go with a Summer Waves 14'x48" metal frame above ground pool. It's got the whicker pattern on the liner, and should look a little nicer than the blue or gray options out there. We probably paid too much, but pools in this size and construction were starting to sell out everywhere, so we grabbed one while it was still available.

We like the size for our yard. It's not too big where it will take up our entire backyard, and it is tall enough that there will be enough water depth for our girls to actually swim in, but still be able to touch the bottom. We liked that the summer waves pools have a skimmer built in. We know there are probably better pumps and filters out there, but we got this to start and can always adapt a better pump and filter setup In the future.

We're looking forward to getting it setup and filled so it can start warming up. Been doing a lot of research to make sure I get it setup right so we don't have any issues. I spent half the day today digging off the top layer of grass to start the process of levelling the yard. Im sore and tired, but I'm looking forward to having it setup and ready to go.


Apr 29, 2020
East TX
New here, too, and have a similar story to yours. My kiddos are just a little older; we needed summer time fun through all of this; we ended up purchasing pool and install from local store... and probably paid too much. I’m an engineer as well, but this one seemed more than this mom was wiling to take on. We still have 2+ weeks to wait and getting electrical installed this week. Best of luck with the build!


TFP Guide
Jun 16, 2019
Welcome and best of luck to both of you. If you need anything else, post any questions in the above ground pool section, equipment section, discuss the nitty gritty in 'the deep end' section, etc. We got whatever folks you need to help you through it.