Hi everybody.


Dec 22, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
Hello everybody. I'm back.

We moved to a nicer house :lol: but the pool needs some work :cry: . It is going to need new plaster. Bought a foreclosure and the plaster has really dark stains at the deep end from all of the debris left in pool and the plaster won't hold up to an acid wash. Last time I went with DuPont quartz crystals but I never really cared for the fact that it might take 10 years to look its best. This time I am going PebbleTec (we like the Creme De Menthe color), however we are going to have to wait about a year and a half in order to afford it. At least the girls swim almost every day. Going to have to once again install solar. Got a different set of challenges with this pool. It has a water fall that is cracked and will need rebuilding. Neighbor has a Eucalyptus tree that is constantly dropping leaves into pool, gotta talk to neighbor about trimming it back. Also, want to do something about the lights. Pool has one by the skimmer but will be researching various options.



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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
Welcome back!!

New pool sounds cool, but in need of some work :|

Figure out what you need done and get some quotes and run them by us. As you already know, we're here to help and support you :goodjob: