Hey guys from SC! Looking for pool deck paint advice and tips...

Bobby O

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Apr 30, 2019
Aiken, SC
This is actually MRS. BobbyO. I found this group while researching reviews for H&C Concrete stains, paints and sealers from Sherwin Williams. Our pool is 16 years old with a 36" sheer descent waterfall that we (Bobby) has torn down and is replacing with a 60" unit that will be finished off with ledgestone and capped with a granite slab. 3 years ago, we let someone paint our deck and repair cracks, that they guaranteed would hold up and needless to say its peeling, nasty and the cracks are cracking again. We got a price from a local contractor to grind down the deck to remove old paint and to repair the cracks and paint the deck again for almost $12k. Several people that we know recommended Behr Granite Grip, Rustoleum Restore, H&C and several other brands. The thread I came across yesterday suggested another brand that started with an "N" and favorable reviews. Any idea of that product, bc now I cant find that thread. Im gonna get to exploring this forum and maybe Ill find it. Thanks and have great day yall. :)


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Aug 2, 2017
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Welcome Mrs @Bobby O ;) Glad you found TFP!

Can you add your pool and equipment details to your signature, please? Thanks!

I know a few will pop in soon and add more info for you! I'll try a quick search too :) more eyes rarely hurts!

This is an older thread about stone sealer(s): should I apply a stone sealer?
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Nov 27, 2018
Welcome, Aiken is the horse capital of SC, beautiful area. That area of SC is really growing the interest. And the home of William Perry...that’s a whole other story...we are Clemson fans.

Have you considered “One Step Spray Deck”? Our pool is new so I can’t really tell how long it lasts but it is really pretty starting out.
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May 8, 2018
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I recently settled on purchasing the Cool! product from Encore Coatings, but I have not started the project as of yet. Finding the consecutive dry days when I am not traveling for work is a very tall order. :confused: