Here We Go...


Apr 6, 2020
Southern California
I've been taking care of the mechanical portion of my in-laws pool for years now, but I never thought I'd have to take care of one myself now that we've bought a house with an in ground pool and spa. I knew nothing about pool chemistry before this website, so I thank this community for its existence and willingness to help.

I actually think my local pool store isn't so bad. They're a single operation in a warehouse, and they haven't tried to sell me any cure alls. Just plain looking HASA bags of sodium bicarbonate, cyanuric acid, and 4 gallon batches of 12.5% liquid chlorine. The latter is $21.16 out the door; not bad. I felt I had to put it out there since pool stores - at least their testing - get a bad rap around here, haha!

When I took over the pool, it was FC - 1, pH - 7.8, CYA - 5, TA - 60, TDS - 5000.

Today, solely following their instructions, it's FC - 3, pH - 7.6, CYA - 40, TA - 70.

But I'm learning from Pool School that FC should be 3 *minimum* for my CYA, and my PoolMaster color comparator test kit that the seller left for me only goes up to 3, so I'm considering the TF-100 and speed stir. Also need to figure out my calcium hardness, since there's a disconnected water softener at the house which seems to imply someone thought hard water was a problem at some point. With our first born due in 3 weeks, I'm pondering the $112 purchase a bit longer than usual.

Anyways, thanks for reading my rambles!