Here are some of my pics.


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May 28, 2008
Jamestown, ND
Swam Yesterday. Rain finally stopped and the sun came out in full force. Pool temp was 65 and the solar blanket warmed it up to 73 by 4pm.

Then the kids jumped in. Here are some pics! :-D

If any others want to post some pics, then gladly do so as I do like looking at other pics for some ideas. We moved into this house July 2007 and have done some improvements to the back yard, but always am looking for new ideas.



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Apr 17, 2007
Cool pool Rudy! 8)

Here is a shot of my above ground with my girl Casey... it's really her pool but don't tell the kids. :lol:


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May 28, 2008
Jamestown, ND
Thanks for the nice comments.

Been raining here all week. Sucks. Have to wait till it quits so that I can start the cleanup process.

Water tests are still comming in great. I did read some about the question of weather rain causes issues with the chem balance. I found no change either than to have to vacuum up the mess is all.

Again thanks for the pool comments.

Nice pool Casey! Looks great!


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Apr 6, 2007
Joliet, Il.
The pool and yard look great! It looks the the kids and dog have alot to enjoy :)

(question...Are the steps you have the wedding cake II steps? If they are, How do you like them? thanks)