Helping a neighbor clear the algae problem


Jun 19, 2019
Fort Myers, FL
Hello all after the great advice and success I have with this forum group, I just wanted to run my thoughts for helping a neighbor out. They have 14,500 APG, sand filter, they have taken advice from pool stores and other random people claiming to help.
Issue - pool has and active algae bloom not to bad light green layer on the bottom but otherwise clear. They stopped maintaining it for about 2 weeks in frustration after shocking and no results
I tested it today with Taylor k2006 kit
Ph- 7.8
Based on my learning I would recommend the following
Actions to take skim major debris, drain 50% of water replace with new water, clean and backwash filter, bring ph to 7.2, perform SLAM process, then maintain chlorine, cya, ph and normal maintenance.
Sound good?