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Sep 14, 2016
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A friend is having pool issues. He says, no matter what he does, he can't get a FC reading. Yes, he is using strips and pool store tests. 20K gal IG pool, water is clear. I went by today with my TF-100 and tested.
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This year since opening he has added, Cal Hypo, 3" pucks, Phos-Free and that liquid solar cover stuff. We did add a pound or so of PH up that he had because of the low PH. I had to leave so didn't test PH afterwards. I'm trying to turn him onto the TFP way. Told him not to add any more pucks (CYA perfect) and to switch to LC and get a good test kit. Still a little concerned why he's not showing anything when he says his chlorine feeder is loaded with 7 pucks and he's been dumping in several pounds of Cal Hypo. Is there something in the Phos-free that would tank the FC? The pool store test is showing .4ppm copper, I'm hoping that doesn't become an issue. I told him to go and get two cases of LC and add 3 gallons tonight. According to pool math, that should get him to SLAM level of 20. I'm thinking he just needs to SLAM the pool because there is still something in there that is consuming the FC, but thought I'd ask and see if I'm missing something. Thank you!

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The biggest issue I see is that you, the friend with a TF-100, can't be there to do everything for him. At some point he needs to take charge of the pool starting with proper testing, otherwise you'll just find yourself getting frustrated. :brickwall: At this point with clear water, I'd say do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test, but again, without his own TF-100.........?

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