Helping a family out with their tile setting and other things


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Aug 26, 2020
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New to the forum. A little background on myself. So I am a medic firefighter here in California very busy at this time. In 1980 through 1995 ish I built swimming pools. Due to my nature which is to help people in the community I met a young family actually the mother and two little girls. I happened to over hear a conversation about a green swimming pool. the young woman was going to drain the pool that is when I decided I should but in and give the old warning all people get when they drain the pool. Well that turned into a trip to her house. On the way to the house (keeping it short) The young family had lost her husband and father of he to 5 and seven yr old girls in a horrible accident the about 5 months prior. At this time the Covid 19 thing was just starting. She had gotten laid off and was trying to just save the house from being foreclosed on. I looked at the pool and the pool seal had never been redone in 30+ years. the horizontal cracking where the mortar bed had separated from the bond beam had been filled endlessly with caulking. Hollow spots under coping and plaster showing through to brown coat in spots. I recommended getting the pool re-plastered. This whole time the little princesses were relentlessly asking me mister are we going to be able to swim again. OMG it was torture. The end result is She cannot afford to remodel the swimming pool and has put some money into this project that YES I TOOK ON MYSELF. As I got into it there are two structure cracks and the bond beam was leveled on top and tile face with sloppy mortar. So to try to save the pool I looked into epoxy painting it if I can get the bond beam all square again to re-attach the coping and new tile. So far I have paid for the tile, backs of portland cement and 60 mesh sand, some water proofing (masterseal 581). I have discovered that either at 50 my mind isn't sharp as I thought or there are a lot of new poly modified acrylic with little micro gymnasts inside for flexibility materials out there. lol gotta keep the sense of humor as I am burnt from work and this pool. What I am getting as is things have changed a bit and I want to finish this the best way I can for the least amount of money. So I have the cracks seal and i believe water tight (injected poly urethane foam in them) with the help of some staples. (thats news to me) now I am just trying to get the bond beam in repair for the coping and tile. Being that the plaster is staying it poses a bit of a problem with getting it all square and making sure the tile will fit recessed in the beam. problem is this whole pool is all radius' not a straight edge to be found. I can upload what picture I have. So can anyone give me a good solid way to mix the mortar and apply it to the beam. it only has to be raised 2-21/2 inches. the pics are prior to getting the tile off I will get more this week and post them in this thread. I will take any and all advice. I appreciate anyone help and opinions. I have portland cement, 60 mesh sand, acryl 660, master seal 581, and acid to wash before the paint. oh and white portland cement and cement all rapid set water stop. sorry for the length but I wanted to spell out the situation for you cause getting a pool company in there is not an option for a long time.


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On a large repair i use thin plywood and make a form. Mix the large batches in small rubbermaid garbage can. If you need to finesse it mix it thick and hand apply. Use bonding agent on it first. If your gonna paint it the finish under isnt all that important just needs to be watertight. Pics of what your dealing with would help bigtime. Any questions just post them individually here I'll answer anything you need
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