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Jun 26, 2010
We are building a inground pool. The kit has come with two main drains (Galaxy)..The instructions to install are not very clear. It is a liner pool. Do we install a pipe to bottom that leads down to gravel base?


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Mar 29, 2007
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What kind of floor will the pool have?

If it's sand and cement or concrete, I would definitely do the feeder tube with a hydrostatic relief valve in tone of the drain pots!

I'd also overdig the gravel pit, put some gravel in it then line it with weedblock fabric before filling the rest of the gravel in to surround the tube. Hydrostats can be a headache and leak maker if sand and debris comes up through the valve and get caught on the sealing ring.

Vermiculite or sand bottoms don't require the hydrostat.

Any chance of your running the plans for the pool by us? (I could spend the rest of the afternoon telling you things that may or may not be applicable to your build :lol: )

I hope you get the pool of your dreams and that it's forever trouble free - towards that end, please let us help you by advising on what and how you are building it :cool:
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