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Jun 4, 2019
Need some help
I’m just getting started with the TGP method. I purchased the Taylor test kit. We have a above ground 19300 gallons pool with sand filter. The water is blue but cloudy with what looks like white substance on bottom. We have currently had a ton of rain here in Ky. Been very hard to keep pool maintained.



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Jan 6, 2010
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Cloudy usually means algae, unless you just added a whole bunch of Calcium via "Hardnesss Increaser" or Cal-hypo "shock." Did the pool store load you up with unneeded stuff?

Algae means you need more chlorine. Lots more. And some brushing and vacuuming. We call the process a SLAM Process

But before you jump into that article, take a few to read ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry so you speak the same language we do.

Since you can still see the bottom and the pool isn't green, you're jumping into the SLAM Process process near the end. So it shouldn't take but a couple days if you're determined. Your pool could be crystal clear and sparkling before the weekend if you're diligent.

A tip: when you test FC & CC, only use 10 ml water and one scoop of the powder. Then each drop counts as .5. It's really easy, ten drops divide in half is 5 FC. In your case, you'd see 13 drops, so 6.5. It speeds things up and saves reagent and it's precise enough for us.