Help with Winter Cover: Mesh or Solid?


Jul 29, 2015
Ridgefield, CT
Hello everyone,
I now have moved up from an Intex 22'x54" which I would need to take down every year to a 24'x52" Steel pool this year. I do get the the pool math and the regular maintenance from prior pools but now I will need to prep the pool for winter this coming year and based on how hard it is to acquire pool items right now, I would like to start and order my winter cover now. As I have been looking there is a mesh cover and a solid cover which will need a pillow. My question is since I am in the New England area (CT) which type of winter cover should I be looking for? Also what are the advantages and disadvantages of each. I am new to this part of pool ownership so any help is greatly appreciated and needed.

Thanks for your input.


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Jul 21, 2013
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I believe you get a cleaner opening with a solid cover that keeps stuff from draining into the pool. It also keeps the water level in the pool from rising too much and needing you to drain it during the winter. You do need a pump or a way to drain water off the solid cover.

If you open up your pool early when the water temperature is below 60F and close it late then a mesh cover can work fine. A mesh cover is lighter and easier to handle.

See if this helps you some...



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Jun 23, 2020
Leicester, MA
Rich..I am right above you in MA. I find it true that you will possibly get a cleaner opening with a solid cover however I use a Mesh for our area with a pillow. I use this because The mesh will still capture all the leaves etc, but will allow the water to pass thru from those HUGE snow pileups and the block of ice you will get from our winters here. I just feel it is less likely to rip from the weight. In our harsh conditions I will get about 3-4 seasons out of one whether it is medium grade or the heaviest duty one so save your money there. As stated I still use a pillow with it. Also as you probably know, the cleaner your closing ....the cleaner and easier your opening will be regardless of which cover you choose. All the Best!


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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
I would second the solid cover recommendation. I've had a mesh cover for 25 years (it refuses to die) but my next cover will be solid (not a cheap, thin one, a heavy duty one with straps/buckles/fasteners the same as my mesh cover). It's getting really painful taking a week every year to clean up the disgusting mess that awaits every spring pool opening! I'm meticulous balancing and preparing the pool for closing in the fall but dirt and junk still gets through the mesh and fouls up the water


Jul 29, 2015
Ridgefield, CT
OK, I will go with a solid cover for the winter. What should I look for in the cover, or does it really matter as long as it is at least a medium grade?
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