Help with uneven pool


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Jul 13, 2020
Ronkonkoma, NY
Hello. I’m trying to build an above ground pool. It’s 26 x 26. However it seems that the ground is 12 inches higher on one side and 12 inches lower on another side. What would be the best course to resolve this issue? Someone recommended that I purchase filter soil to fix that issue. Is that correct? What should I do?



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May 8, 2020
I agree with stringer77 always dig down from the high side. I had a 6" slope started using a line levels, then went with 2x4 and 6ft level method and finished with my own 20$ Egyptian water level/ bunyip. I had a small 18ft round. Was able to get with in half inch. Take your time. Ground prep is EVERYTHING!!! Do it right the first time you dont want to drain and do it again. Good luck!
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