Help with tile choice please! Does the glass blend with tile color?


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Feb 1, 2021
Tampa, Florida
Hi! I'm pretty new to this forum. Our original pool build was back in 2008. We currently have a Marquee quartz finish combination of charcoal and pewter that is at the end of its lifespan. The quartz has turned to razors and pool finish is wearing away therefore it is time for a resurface! We are also replacing our waterline tile.

Our selection for the resurface is Wet Edge Signature Matrix Tahoe. After bringing home approximately 30 tiles (I lied... Definitely more than 30 😔) I think I have narrowed it down. I would just like some opinions on the choice. The waterline tile is NPT Isola Masisosar 6x6. We have a raised planter with (new) water spouts that I would like to use glass tile on as well as to line the sunshelf, steps and swimout. I was originally going to do the 1x2 version of my same 6x6 tile but I just love the look of glass! My choice for the glass is NPT Nordic Shores Volcanic 1x2 glass tiles which is a mixture of gray, silver and iridescent.

Our pool is currently very natural with the black bottom and stone look mosaic tile That pretty much matches our cream beige charcoal pavers. I would like to have *some* color this time. I appreciate any opinions on this combination in the picture below. See more pics of the tile in the sun in comment below. Thank you!


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Ooohh, and you are in Tampa too! Let me know when the pool party is scheduled!
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