Help with Tf-100 / for Canadians


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Mar 19, 2021
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi all

Just joined this forum - blown away by the quality of content.

In the process of building my first pool and went on to get a TF-100. I am in Canada and since do not ship over the border, I purchased a mailbox redirection service at the border to import the kit over here. However, their website doesn't seem to accept my Canadian Visa billing address and seems to want a US credit card, too. That seems seriously backwards...

Any Canadians here that have purchased from this website could you pls point out how you did that?!

Many thx


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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Welcome to TFP.

@OTPirate will be by shortly to help you.


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Jul 9, 2019
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fellow Canuck here - Winnipeg variety.

Great decision to take control of your pool. I went full TFP last summer and it was night and day from the prior year.

I used Paypal to order my TF100 without issue. Might that be a solution?

Go Jets Go!

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Jun 16, 2019
Hey MC !! If you don't mind sharing, what were all the fees and timeliness for your purchase ? We will have many of your fellow northerners coming to ask for the same soon. Either returning members or new ones that found us after opening a green monster.
^^ What newdude said. I just bought the k2006c from for $231 (after tax & shipping) but it won't be here till the end of April. Curious for alternatives to amazon for refills in the future.


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Jul 9, 2019
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I’m an essential worker who travels to the US regularly. I’ve shipped both my first kit and refills to my US hotels. I’m willing to pick up for other members and meet / ship from in Canada.

I live in Barrie, work in Hamilton, can meet along the way or ship.

No import / duty / Canadian taxes.
Wow, I'd really appreciate that. I'll have to take inventory to see what I need for the coming season. I'll reach out to you to arrange things.

Thanks in advance!


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