Help with test results, what am I missing?

May 22, 2008
This is our 3rd year opening the pool and did I take good notes from last year? NO!! (what was i thinking? :roll: )

I have a 14x28 inground vinyl pool, 17,600 gallons, sand filter.

Tests done at 12:30pm today are:

FC 9
PH 7.2
TA 330
CYA below 20
CC 0 (my daughter did this test so i didn't see the results but i'm sure she did this right)
TC 9

We did the overnight FC test and it was .5 this morning (6am) so we added 2 jugs 182 ounces of bleach. Last night around 6:30pm the FC was 1.5, CC .5 and TC 2.0

It's clear but green.

You all helped me last year and I feel like I'm missing "something". I started reading the "Pool School" but again, feel like i'm missing something. Help!!



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Stabilizer is easy to raise and difficult to lower. So it is best to add about 2/3rds of the total amount, wait a week, test the level again and adjust from there. Otherwise you risk overshooting and needing to replace water.


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Yes, try not to let the FC dip too far below shock level. Assume your CYA is at the level you are shooting for and adjust the FC level accordingly.

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