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Brand new pool never been used. Finished building and turned over to me 12/29/2018. They prepped the pool with liquid chlorine because I had to wait a month before adding salt - wet edge finish.
Now I have a CL problem. I use the superchlorinator to up my chlorine for 24 hours, and it works - up to CL =5. It then goes to medium setting. But after a day or two, it goes back down to CL= .5 It has been cloudy, cold, and rainy, but the swg is still on 24 /7. Some nights it goes into freeze protect because it is so cold. The water is crystal clear.
22,000 gallons saltwater pool. It is frame by two big live oak trees that have been dropping leaves like crazy into the pool. At one point last month, there was some brown gunk one the sun shelf and the steps. It is no longer present - at least not visibly.

Hayward SWG

TEST KIt is Taylor
FC .5
PH 7.6 with electronic probe
TA 160 (high)
CH 250
CYA .5
salt 3282 with electronic probe

I also double check with test strips.

Does that help?
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Those test results are suspect and don’t look like they came from your own test kit. What is the source of your results? We believe you have to be doing your own testing with your own test kit.

CYA of 0.5 if accurate means you have no CYA and you are rapidly losing your CL to UV sunlight. Where is Helotes located?

Please put details of your pool in your signature. See Read this before you post.

What type of superchlorinator do you have? What model SWG? What % runtime is set on the SWG? How many gallons are in your pool?

Superchlorinator mode simply overrides the % runtime and sets it to 100%. If you get sufficient chlorine that way it points to your % runtime is too low once the superchlorinator turns off.

Have you reviewed ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry?
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Adipas, it will help if you show (TX) or add San Antonio to your profile since we're from the same neck of the woods. With the weather we've had lately, your FC level should be strong and effortless - holding well. Sounds like you may have an algae issue going on. Take note of Allen's questions above and you'll have more info tossed your way than you can handle. :)

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Please explain how you get a CYA level of .5 when the CYA fill tube has lines in 10s from 20 or 30 to 80?

What model Hayward SWG cell do you have?

It sure sounds like you have algae in your pool eating up your CL. Your CYA is low and your FC is low and your SWG is shutting off due to cold weather.

You should turn off your SWG and chlorinate your pool with liquid chlorine or bleach with no additives. You should raise your CYA to 30 by add stablizer using the sock method. Then you need to follow the SLAM Process process exactly step by step to get rid of algae.

Once you have passed the three exit criteria of the SLAM Process then you add stablizer to raise CYA to 70, add chlorine to FC5 and turn on your SWG.

How often do you calibrate your pH meter? Test strips are worthless. Toss them in the trash.