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Dec 16, 2014
Auckland, New Zealand
Hi there all, have just joined the site as we have just put a nice big pool in the back yard. The pool builder gave me one of the small 4 test kits, which from reading here is not particularly adequate.

My problem right now is that I can't get hold of a TF100 or Taylor Taylor K-2006C3 test kit here as no one seems to stock them and US retailers will not ship them here (Have found one but will cost me around $300 once shipped).

I can get hold of one of these locally, will this do me in the meantime?


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Apr 4, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

That's better than many kits, but without the ability to test chlorine at high levels it is lacking one of the key advantages of the recommended kits. Have you emailed the folks at Give them a shot to see what they can do. If they can't ship a kit to you, they may know someone who can.


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Aug 17, 2012
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Welcome to TFP !
If you could add all your pool and equipment info to your sig that will help us help you better if you have any other questions in the future.

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Oct 2, 2013
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we have a couple of other members in the predicament with having test kits and other things shipped from the US.

I know a couple of them have been using a website and it seems to work out for them.
I dont know exactly how it works as Ive no experience with it myself.
Might not hurt to check it out though.

hope this helps