Help with SunTouch Controller & IntelliFlo VS pump

Dec 11, 2016
I have an older SunTouch Controller. The back of the board says Rev. A & the firmware is 1.0.
I just purchased a new IntelliFlo VS pump, however when the SunTouch turns on the pump it always seems to be at a high speed.
Since the pump's display is disabled, I don't know what RMPs it's running at, but it's much louder then if I run the pump on speed 1 or 2 manually from the pump UI (if I unplug the SunTouch interface cable) & the filter presser is higher than it should be. After doing some resource online I've found that there are multiple versions\revisions of the SunTouch board. I've found user guides for Rev. A, B & C.
2017-05-12 10-04-46 AM.jpg

I have Rev. A, so it came out before the IntelliFlo VS pump was made.
On the SunTouch pump menu, I only have the options for High speed, 2-Speed, & IntelliFlo 4 pumps.
I have it set to IntelliFlo 4 & did set the 4 speeds for it, but they don't' seem to apply.
2017-05-12 10-11-35 AM.jpg

I noticed in the Rev. C guide, it does have an IntelliFlo VS pump option with even more parameters that can be set.
2017-05-12 10-07-39 AM.jpg

So I'm pretty sure I need to buy a Rev.C replacement board but just wanted to check with everyone if there was a way to get the pump speeds to work without having to shell out more $$$.

I see it's available at SunPlay, but this screen shot shows Rev. B...
Pentair Suntouch Pool and Spa Circuit Board 520645Z | Pentair 520645Z


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Jun 7, 2011
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We have some Suntouch owners here, and maybe one of them, or our industry guys can help you out on this board. Best of luck geting this sorted.


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It appears to me that your hunch is correct, and that you will need to upgrade the PCB to make it communicate with your new pump.

If me, I'd call Pentair just to confirm, and then call SunPlay and ask them to check the Rev on the actual card they sell. My guess is the sell the Rev C, but are just using an old picture.


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