Help with Saltwater sys & CYA 16 x 48" liner/metal frame pool with sand filter and saltwater generator (Intex 2650 pump/filt


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Jul 2, 2019
Clifton, nj
Im trying to balance the water for my pool and need some help. I have a Intex 2650 gph Saltwater/Sand filter system and installed a 16x48" approx 5,250 gallon pool..... when water was 1/2 way filled in pool I added 120lbs of pool salt and wife/Me walked around to mix water and help dissolve... When pool was filled it was a little brownish (not horrible but just a little dingy) due to how the water is in our area... I ran only the sand filter for the entire night and by morning the water was crystal clear, almost paradise blue color.. it was beautiful... I then turned on the Saltwater generator and ran for about 24 hours w/ sandfilter.... I used test strip to test water (test strips suck, lol) and it looks like the total chorine is "acceptable low" but the Free Chlorine appears "too low"... My Saltwater generator hasn't alarmed with with too low/too high salt so I think I must be OK at the moment, however, I just added another 30lbs of Salt and also added 3/4 gallon of Liquid Instant pool water conditioner (CYA) (1 gallon Conditioner will bring 10,000 gallon to 32ppm CYA so I added 3/4 gallon to hopefully get around 45-50ppm CYA)..... I hope did everything right... so now what Levels for CYA should I be aiming for my saltwater pool situation? Also, should I run Saltwater gen/Sand filter for 4 hours during morning and then another 4 at night? thank you


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Jun 20, 2018
Annapolis, MD
Use some liquid chlorine or bleach to bring up to your target level for your cya until your SWG catches up. You will have to make adjustments to your SWG until you learn the sweet spot that it produces enough chlorine to meet your target everyday.