Help with Repair of Underground Pipe


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Jun 26, 2013
Texas City, TX
Please, needing some advice. We recently had our concrete cool deck around the pool removed and re-poured. Even with pictures from the construction in 1990, they still managed to crack the pipe coming away from skimmer heading back to the filter/equipment. So the contractor sends his plumber to dig under new concrete to fix crack. He can only do the four 90 repair. Shouldn't we have concerns since the return pressure is low in that pipe? Debris often gets around the skimmer basket not to mention vac debris/DE.

My question is: If the pipe can be exposed by removing that area of concrete above, can't the pipe be fixed without all the 90s? The contractor says no. :(

Thanks Paula


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Jul 24, 2015
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All situations are different and the amount of working space is important in determining what is possible, but I would say it should be able to be repaired with out excessive 90's using either flexible PVC or Street unions. My pool builder was a wizard with heating and bending PVC, that is an option too but it takes some skill.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Hi quincy,

I think you're worried about losing flow. On a skimmer line there is no pressure. Are you saying they added more 90s than were there before? Fittings cause flow loss yes, but it can be somewhat negligible, and you might overcome it with a more open valve depending on your system. I don't picture you gaining more actual access by removing deck. At least not on my build, and what I imagine you have. Maybe I am wrong, but all my fittings are below anyway.


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Apr 19, 2013
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So I gather what you are saying is that the only way he could repair it was by constructing a fix using 4 90degree angles.

So yes that is not good. And there may have been another way to do the repair. On the other hand its a suction line and while the four closely spaced 90s will case some restriction its probably not enough to be of concern.