Help with renovation ideas - stamped concrete vs pavers?


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May 22, 2017
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Apologize if this gets a little long winded. We are looking to do a renovation on our pool. I'd like to expand the patio/decking and replace some of the white concrete. The pool was build about 10-15 years ago (not by us). Hoping to get some feedback from some people who have been down this road before
  • As you can see in the pictures, we have white concrete. We also have a safety cover that is only a couple years old. I guess my big picture question is if we want to expand/improve the decking around this pool (see yellow lines in pictures), we have two options... pavers or stamped concrete. I think I like the look of pavers a little better, but am looking to get some thoughts on that. I've been told pavers will be tough with the safety cover, I could see that. Is an option leave the white concrete for the pool anchors that are already in place and then expand with pavers? Not sure about the look of that.
  • What about ripping out all this white concrete and doing new stamped concrete. I'm not a fan of the vinyl coping and would love to have concrete coping. If I want that, does it make more sense just to go with stamped concrete all around?
  • Pool house - looking to do one. Nothing huge, but a bar and a small room with a fridge, etc. Any experience doing these? When I am doing the pool renovation, can I have then pour the pad for this and then build it later? Would this get a white concrete pad. We will need a retaining wall as well to build up the area for the expanded patio and pool house. See picture of the blue pol house. Not that big, maybe half that. But similar style.
  • Vinyl steps and seat - The guys I've talked to said it's really expensive to replace the stairs. What are the options here to make it look a bit nicer? Rip then out and install something we can put the new liner over?
  • Equipment - Our pool equipment is working fine but that pad needs a re-do as well. The pump is old and I will replace it. The heater is new. The filter is DE, and I'm happy with it but a couple pools guys have said they would replace it with a cartridge filter. I bought a salt generator a year ago on sale but haven't installed it yet.
I guess my biggest question to get started is the pavers vs stamped concrete. I have no experience with stamped concrete. I've seen some that looks really nice, I've seen other stuff (even new) that just seems like it will look dated in a couple years. I posted a couple pictures of pools that I like the look of, and I believe they are both stamped concrete.

I'm sure I will have some follow up discussion, thanks for any feedback!


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Anything can be done with enough money.. The question is how much do you want to spend :)

1. The pool steps can be replaced with colored ones.. I am not sure if the over liner style is for that type step...

I really like this option and I think you would also like it

Pavers can easily get safety cover anchors built into them, they do it all the time.. Some do concrete under the pavers and some do not.. Pavers are usually do not cost much, its the labor putting them in that gets you..

They can do amazing things with stamped concrete these days..

The trick with both installs is to do at least 3 quotes exactly the same for each option...

The equipment pad looks fine but if you really want something new just build it right over the one there.. Do not put the pipes in the concrete, leave them where you can easily dig them out in case you need to....

Right now it is not in your favor for quotes or business's to actually do the install.. they have so much business and no one wants to work so they are backed up till who knows when.. people are offering companies more money than the quotes to get the job done sooner rather than later...
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