Help with removing broken barb from hose


Jun 8, 2016
Leesburg, VA
The barb on the drain valve of my jacuzzi j-375 broke off in the hose and I can't figure out how to pull it out. I prefer to not replace the hose because I can't easily get to the opposite end and I don't have a replacement on hand. There's also not enough slack to cut or trim the hose down. The barb sheared off at the very end of the hose, so there is nothing sticking out to grab onto with pliers. I did try to use a paint can lid removal tool to hook the opposite end of the barb but it would not budge. Any advice?


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
Warm up the hose with hot water, a hair dryer, heat gun etc. Then the barb should come out easily. You can use the hook or needle nose pliers.

Not too hot or the hose will melt or burn.

Warm the hose again when installing the new fitting.

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Sep 5, 2008
Silicon Valley, CA
Chances are that the barb broke off because the plastic got brittle, yes? What i do and have had good luck with is to grab the end of the hose with some pliers and crush the broken off barb inside the end of the hose. Then the pieces just fall out or you can grab them with needle nose pliers.

I hope that i have understood your problem and that this is a satisfactory remedy...