Help with pump decision ...


New member
Apr 18, 2017
ojai, ca
Hello all,

This is my first post, newbie here. I am replacing a 15 yo. old Hayward Super Pump II that is 2.5 hp. I was considering going to a Pentair super flo 2 speed 1 HP pump.

I think my pump is oversized to begin with...i have a Hayward 48sq. DE filter and an in ground Spa that waterfalls into the pool.

Would this new Pentair super flow 2 speed 1HP work? I found one on Amazon warehouse for only $350.

My other thought would be to take advantage of the electric company rebate and buy a Raypak variable 1.5 hp for $500 and get a $100 rebate. Total $400.

I lean toward a 2 speed and eliminate the electronics. But is 1 hp good enough?